Make Sure Your Checks Are Secure!

Protect your checks and financial future. Our check security features are unmatched in the industry and help prevent criminals from gaining control of your personal financial holdings – guaranteed. Our high-quality security paper adheres to the latest ANSI standards (Check 21 Compliant) for image readiness.

Check Security Features

1. Microprint Warning Band Border:
Reads “Original Document.” When copied, the wording is not readable.

2. TonerFuse®**:
Prevents erasure and tampering with laser printed data.

3. Photocopy Void***:
The word “Void” will appear when photocopied.

4. Security Warning Band Border:
The most popular security border available.

5. Padlock Icon:
Indicates check meets industry standard security guidelines listed on back.

6. Invisible Fluorescent Fibers in Paper:
Fibers in paper stock are revealed under a black light.

7. Heat Sensitive Thermochromic Icon:
Red key disappears when subject to heat or touch.

8. Chemical Stain:
Sensitized paper reacts to chemical attempts to alter check.

9. Microprinting on Signature Line:
Reads “Authorized Signature.” When copied or altered, this line is not readable.

10. Padlock Icon on Back:
Lists additional visible and concealed security features.

11. LineMark™*:
Lines optically change from light to dark depending upon the reflected or transmitted light.

12. Check Security Watermark:
When held at an angle, words “Original Document” appear.

13. Screened Check Back:
Deters duplication. Screen does not reproduce when copied.

14. Microprinting Below Endorsement Area Line:
Line copy reads “Original Document.” When copied, the wording is not readable.

15. Coin Reactive Ink:
When rubbed with a coin, a key will appear underneath image.

16. Non-Negotiable Phrase:
Secures voucher from alteration.

* LineMark, available only on Standard Plus Laser Checks.
** TonerFuse®II, available only on Standard Plus and Stock Laser Checks.
*** Photocopy Void, optional on Standard Plus Checks; available with
Scallop Void on Standard and Stock Laser Checks.